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VENTILAIR ENGINEERS are a leading manufacturer & supplier of effluent and sewage treatment plants and oil & grease trap is a main part of waste water treatment system

We “Ventilair engineers" is also leading manufacturer & supplier of Oil and Grease separation units. We manufactured & installed this type of project. VENTILAIR ENGINEERS is leading manufacturer, supplier of effluent & sewage treatment plant in India. “Oil and Grease separation units are basically a important part or waste water treatment plants. We have installed many plants such as this type.

Simply put, a grease trap is a receptacle that kitchen wastewater flows through before entering the sanitary sewer lines. This receptacle technically defined as a grease interceptor interceptors, captures, or "traps" grease. How?
Grease, the industry term for animal fats and vegetable oils, is 10 to 15 percent less dense than water. Grease also won't mix with water. As a result, fats and oils float on top of water.
When kitchen wastewater flows through a grease interceptor, the grease and oils rise to the surface inside the trap and are trapped using a system of baffles. The captured grease and oils fill the trap from the top down, displacing “clean” water out of the bottom of the trap and into sewer line.
Peer into a grease trap and you will see a mat of grease. When this mat of grease gets deep enough, the trap must be cleaned out.

Main features & advantages:

  • A single unit elevates and separates oil & grease.
  • Separates oil without the need of pumps, it works through gravity
  • Low maintenance
  • A single unit can be used like waste water treatment for small unit & biodegradable item
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance etc


  • Size: 400 x 500 x 400 ht./ 1000 x 1500 x 1200 ht
  • Output: Separate oil from water
  • Application: remove oil
  • Uses: waste water treatment plant
  • Material: M.S. & S.S. make
  • Capacity: according to water flow
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