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Effluent Treatment Plant

Ventilair Engineers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Effluent treatment plants for.These effluent treatment plants are used by different industries to reduce the potential for pollution and to comply with discharge consent conditions.

Effluent treatment plant utilizes different technologies and processes for treatment of the waste. They can be streamlined for physio chemical treatment and biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment. Integrated functions with user friendly control makes the operation much easier. Our engineers can also custom design effluent treatment plants based on the specific requirements of the clients. Industrial waste waters from certain industries don't meet the standards) for discharge, and certainly not for reuse as process water. First of all, the toxic components have to be removed from the wastewater flow. Physico chemical wastewater treatment is a frequently used technique in the area of wastewater treatment. Physico chemical wastewater treatment techniques are applied for the removal of heavy metals, oils and greases, suspended matter and emulating organic substances, organic and inorganic components, difficult to decompose, non polar organic substances, toxic pollutants or high salt concentrations, phosphorus.
The physico chemical wastewater treatment techniques are used as pre-treatment, final treatment as well as specific treatment for wastewater reuse as process water. We have a huge range for effluent treatment these are ETP for Vehicle Washing (water recycling plant)Turnkey Etp, Etp for Rice Mill, Etp for Small Food Industries, Etp for Dry-Clean Industries Etp for Textile Industries, Etp for Food industries Etp for Oily Water, Etp for Laundry, Water, ETP, Industrial Etp, ETP for various Industries, Packaged ETP, Etp for Print Industry, ETP for Seeds Rinsing, Etp for Rail Coach, ETP for Iron Removal, ETP Plant For Automobile, Small Scale ETP, ETP For Oils And Grease Removal, Complex Organic Chemicals Industry Etp, Etp For Acids And Alkalis, ETP for Dying Industry, ETP for Electroplating Plant, Etp for Hospital, Etp for Paper Industry, Physico- Chemical Process Of WTP Waste Water treatment & Recycle Machine, Wastewater Treatment Plant For Construction (MBBR Process, Etp for Pulp And Paper Industry, ETP For Fabric Factory, Etp for Construction Site.

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